New Zealand's most renowned artist

Maurice Bennett: The Toastman

Sculptural Canvas

During the late seventies I had the obsession to paint 'The Great New Zealand landscape", this never happened, but it did send me on the path to create three dimensional landscapes, which then morphed into what became
termed as "Sculptural Canvases', I sort to show mountains and valleys in 3d, I realised that the ridged square frame of conventional paintings, was obsolete for the expression that I was wishing to show.
Wrth this newty found freedom, the works became spaceual experiences.
They were volumetric, the lines were distorted, there was an anonymity of space, Shapes bulged out from the wall or up from the floor. Objects would suggest themselves, like when one sees a face in the clouds. The new canvases were far more expressive than the flat formal and square canvas that I had originally started with.